Picture of Janie

Picture of Janie

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sweetest Memories Of You

My granddaughters wanted to color some pictures for their great-nanny and send them to her expressing their love and prayers for her. I ask them not to seal the envelope, for Grammy was going to enclose a little something for my Mama too. Here's what I wrote.

Sweetest Memories Of You

When you would run your fingers through my hair as I laid on your lap
When you knew I felt scared and would let me sit by you in the car, the restaurant, at church or wherever we were.

When I would come and sit at your feet when you were cried, I would rub lotion on your feet to help you feel not so sad.

When you would let me help you change the sheets each week, and help you make the beds, so much learning to be had.

Teaching me to peel potatoes while in the kitchen at my side.

The first time I didn't cry when you washed my hair in the kitchen sink at the age of four,and you announced it to Daddy when he walked through the door on 9th Avenue.

When we sneaked away in the car, while everyone was napping, to go get burgers and fries at the drive-in restaurant, just you and me.

As a teenager calling you while you were in Chattanooga taking care of your mother, my Nanny, I was feeling so frightened, but hung up after hearing your voice filled with peace.

The morning I had P.M.S. in Junior High, and after driving us to school, you just turned the car around without saying a word and took me back home to rest. You just knew...

For the unconditional love you always showed me, and the safety I felt when I was around you.

I love you Mama


  1. Jane!

    Such sweet memories you have of your mother! I look back at your's and see some of my own memories with my mother (peeling potatoes in the kitchen....)ahhh...such sweet memories! I want my own child to look back one day when he thinks of me and only remember good memories of his mother.

  2. :-) How wonderful, Janie! I bet it filled her mother's heart with such gladness that you remembered all those things and probably brought a vivid picture to her mind of all those precious memories. Have you ever heard the old song "Precious Memories"? It's one of my mom's favorites, and I just thought of it while typing this. "Precious memories, how they linger, how they ever flood my soul..."

    I noticed Jeanette said that your list reminded her of memories with her own mother, and I had just been thinking that myself: particularly her running her fingers through my hair, sitting at her feet, and being by her side learning to peel potatoes and do many other things around the house. Isn't it something that we all have these memories with our mothers?...another way we are kindred spirits!

  3. I remember the song, "Precious Memories" very well....one of those songs we sung in my nanny's church when I would spend the weekends with her. I'm grateful for those memories and that we are all kindred spirits! xo janie

    Thanks for stopping by...i posted a song for you on f.b. Gonna go read what you've posted in the last few days. :)

  4. Thank you Janie for the dedication. I am not a member of Facebook. I have enough handling my blogs. You are truly and inspiration and I thank you always for your kind words of encouragement. Blessings and hugs.

    God Whispers In The Wind

  5. Mama love is so special. I have my own set of love thoughts for my own Mom and I speak them to her regularly. I know the connection for you with your sweet Mama is dear. Enjoy your time in Atlanta with her, Janie and soak in more special moments with her.

    Continuing to hold you and your family in loving Light and prayers.

    ~ Dawn