Picture of Janie

Picture of Janie

Thursday, February 25, 2010

All Girls Are A Little Princess

I love watching movies with my granddaughters. My favorites are "The Little Princess", "The Secret Garden", and, of course "Anne of Green Gables."

Monday and Tuesday was "The Little Princess." Yes, Tuesday we watched it again per Grammy's request. There were things in this movie I needed to grab a hold of. All of these things were wrapped up in the main character Sara Crew. Even though she was from a very affluent family and had grown up in India, she was so loving, she showed so much compassion for others, she adored her father, she stood up for her beliefs, she was very determined, loved telling magical story tells that she had learned from India, She seemed to triumph over very difficult obstacles in life..the death of her mother during childbirth and her stories helped her deal with her grief.

As a result of her father, Captain Crew having to go to war, she is sent off to a Boarding School. She makes friends with the other girls by telling her elaborate fairy tells. Some of the children are very jealous of her and not comfortable with her at all.

Her life changes immediately when the news comes that her father still in India is presumed dead. From that point on, the head mistress, Miss Minchin, goes from doting on her to sending her to the servants quarters to earn her right to live their as an orphan and now assume the role as a servant to the other girls. This is where she meets the other child maid, Becky and befriends her.

Through the observations of the mysterious man from India, he does what he can to restore Sara's happiness. There is one magical scene when they are looking through their windows across from each other and make such a spiritual connection! It gave me chills as Sara whirlled around in circles for him. It must have been some sort of Indians ritual, I'm not really sure.

Good ending to the movie. Her dad has been staying at the home where this mysterious man from India lives and takes care of the owner who owns the school. Her father has been brought back to live in this home and has lost his memory, but regains it once Sara makes her way over to their house and sees her father alive and he finally recognizes her after she screams out, "Papa, Papa, Papa!"

Hope. Even through all of Sara's adversity and pain. God was with her all the time, just as he is with you and me. And I am God's little princess.


  1. Hello again, Janie!

    I had forgotten about you liking Anne of Green Gables; no wonder you reference "kindred spirits" so often :-) I think that's one of the first things I learned about you when I first started visiting your blog! Have you ever read The Story Girl and The Golden Road. They're other books by the same author; my mom read them aloud to my brother and me when we were kids; they are special stories too.

    Love the connection you made here; this is one of the positive things that can come from movies, music, and any kind of art - when we see the larger, more beautiful story of God's work through them. How wonderful that we are so precious to God!

    This reminds me of a book by Lisa Bevere where she uses several children's stories to emphasize some important passages from the Bible about how much God loves us and what He has done, choosing us to be His children and drawing us to Him.

  2. I have seen that movie and it is so touching with the kindred spirits as that is what I desire so much. Never had it. Praying if the Lord be for a mentor. It is in His timing.

    Janie, thank you once again for your realness. Blessings to you.

    I also have this blog: GOD WHISPERS IN THE WIND

  3. I watched the Shirley Temple version many times as a kid (due to a severe Shirley Temple addiction).

    I liked Sara because no matter how dark the world was, her heart was lite.


  4. I am trying to catch up on post. I FINALLY got my new website up and running, so I'm now catching up.

    Sorry I couldn't stop by, I look forward to reading more post in the future :)

  5. Janie, this is definitely a movie that has hidden, spiritual messages. I, too, have gotten chills when watching it and love the message it contains, both at surface level and at deeper, more purposeful "pay attention and absorb this magical moment" level. I am not surprised at all that you connected with the movie at that hidden level. Kindred spirits, kindred moments are all around us if we stop, look with different eyes/vision and recognize the messages that are speaking to us. I loved this one, chica!

    ~ Dawn

  6. Thanks Janie, what a sweet,lovely post!

  7. I have left a "thank you comment" to all of you for stopping by and reading this one. It means so much to me to read your words and you'll talking the time to do the same. love to u all. janie