Picture of Janie

Picture of Janie

Monday, January 18, 2010

It's The Little Things

It's the little things in life that make me happy. Is that the case for everyone?

These are those little, yet wonderful things that make me happy. For example, I love it when my two granddaughters run down stairs to where I sleep, and think they are sneaking up on me, so this is done very quietly. They are on a mission. There mission is to come and give Grammy their last hug and kiss for the night. Sometimes they will both crawl under the covers with me and watch just a few minutes of t.v. and then my daughter calls for them to come on up to bed. That's when I get my second hug and kiss!

I love my first cup of coffee in the morning. I always have. My grandmother used to give me just a wee bit of coffee with LOTS of cream and sugar, so I've been addicted ever since she started that tradition with me. I think it's an emotional thing for me also. Mothers are probably screaming right now, but I don't think it hurt me one little bit.

I love when my best friend of 48 years who lives in Nashville calls me and we always talk for at least an hour or more. Our greeting is "what cha doin? It feels like we are both sitting on her couch at opposite ends, feet touching, and just talking about anything and everything that is important to us. She has this wonderful southern drawl and her sense of humor is keen and keeps me in stitches. Don't get me wrong, we have had some deep, serious conversations also, and I enjoy those conversations too.

I love it when my youngest sister calls and we do the same. There are times when I have hit some tough spots in my life, or she has, and we both cry together and pray. We are intercessors for one another. She loves me unconditionally like none other.

I love it when dinner is finished, I've had my bath (I love baths) and I make my ice cream and go downstairs to watch my favorite programs on t.v. The day has come to a close and I am at peace.

I could go on and on but will stop here. What are the little things in life that bring joy to you? I hope you have many.


  1. I love my daily phone calls with my wonderful Mom - she lives minutes away from me, but we don't always see one another daily. The phone calls are just to chat, share news and simply love one another.

    I love the process of writing, more than anything in the world. It lets me express myself in a manner that is unique and rich.

    I love the soft, gentle quiet of very early morning in East TN when the mists are still wreathing the hills. I rarely see that point of the day, though, because I admit to not being a morning person.

    I love song lyrics because they express in written format and marry together with music, my second great love.

    I love my friends, and you're one of them, darling girl! Loved this post!

    ~ Dawn

  2. Thanks my sweet friend. I love music also and loved the way you expressed it...song lyrics expressed in written format and marry together with music. Who could come up with such a beautiful statement but you. love you too my friend. janie

  3. Hey, Jane. I know what you mean about the sweet little things being so very precious.

    Some of mine are watching my nephew discover things - finally being able to stick a fork in a tiny bit of peach, reach it up to his mouth, and suddenly get wide-eyed because it's "cold" (that's one word in his expanding vocabulary). Another, of course, is seeing or just hearing a little tweet from a red bird. Or watching sunrises and sunsets with skies so full of gorgeous colors that change every minute.

    Sometimes, being led by the Holy Spirit or feeling His movement within me can seem like a little thing but is really such a huge thing: when I'm reading God's Word and a phrase stands out to me as if it's literally forcing my eyes to stay on it before moving on, when I'm reading a book or writing something and tears come flowing forth out of my eyes as I am convicted that God is showingme something new... so many amazing things. God is more amazing than I can fathom.

    And, I can identify with you and Dawn enjoying those special conversations; I have a couple of friends that I meet with more or less often; our conversations usually last hours, and they are wonderful! In fact, I'm about to go have one of those tomorrow. I'm so excited!

  4. Ruth, I loved the "little" things that you love so much, esp. when when we hear our cardinals chirp and we know they are near by and we start looking for them. And yes, when I feel His presence, well, there's no words that can describe that. Thanks for your response.